Misc Unsigned Bands - Mickey Jones - Double Bogey Blues tab

Double Bogey Blues by Mickey Jones
from Tin Cup Soundtrack

MAIN RIFFe-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D-2-22-22-2-------2-22-2-22-2-------|A-2-22-22-2-------2-22-2-22-2-------|E-0-00-00-0-5b-3--0-00-0-00-0-5b-3--|
Lyrics It's early Sunday morning, the sun is coming up I'm on the tee at seven, I'm here to try my luck They say this games a tough one, but I'll give it my best shot Cuz the bunkers look like beaches and the greens like parking lots Oh lord....what I'm I gonna do, Help me keep my head down And save me from these double bogey blues First I pull out my driver, check my stance and grip I'm trying to remember every Nicklaus tip Straighten that left elbow, slightly bend your knees Keep that ball behind you, and look out for those trees Oh lord....what club should I use, I'm lost out in the forrest Save me from those double bogey blues Lead break Well I started out with three balls, now two of them are lost Got two hundred yards of water that I gotta get across Did I hear somebody talking about a Forty dollar bet I got Thirty in my pocket, but I won't let em' see me sweat Oh Lord....the next Bud's for you, help me with this three wood Save me from those double bogey blues Well I'm on the eighteenth and seven, my knees began to shake I'm praying I can one putt, try to save an eight It's a forty dollar nassau, if I sink this I'm in lock I'll be sitting in the club house, sippin' bourbon on the rocks Oh Lord....what am I gonna do, Help me keep my head down Save me from these double bogey blues Oh oh oh Lord....I can't afford to lose, I'll be in church next Sunday Just save me from those double Bogey Blues. Any corrections please comment Thanks
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