Misc Unsigned Bands - Manuel Francisco - I Will Sing Forever tab

Title: I Will Sing Forever

Artist: Manuel Francisco

Chords By: Valera, Charlie Edsel
           Student Nurse 4th level

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Intro:P F-C/E-Bb/D-C7-C/F-Bb/D-C7


F C/E     Bb/F
I will sing forever of your lo0ve oh lord
        Csus     C7        F
i will celebrate the wonder of your name
          Dm     C/D   BbM7 C F
for the word that you speak is a song of forgiveness
BbM7 Am7 BbM7     Csus   F C/D   Bb/F   C7
and a song of gentle mercy to your world

    F     C/E    Bb/F
let us wake in the morning and be filled with your love
   Csus              C7     F
and sing songs of praise all our days
              Dm            C/D     BbM7    C E
for your love is a high as the heavens above us
  BbM7     Am7      BbM7   Csus C7 F
and your faithfulness as certain as the dawn

D7   G   D/G        C/G
I will sing forever of your love oh lord
      Dsus                     G          
for you are my refuge and my strenght
      Em    D/E     CM7 D4  D7 CM7 Bm7
you fell the world with your life-gicing spirit
  CM7    Bm7 CM7 D4 D7     CM7 Bm7
that speaks your word, your word of mercy and of peace
                        D4     D7     CM7 Bm7
and I will sing forever of your love oh lord
                        D4    D7       G
yes, i will sing forever of your love, oh lord

(Finale: G-D/G-C/E-D7-G/D/G-C/E)
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