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Functions By: Riley Friesen
Verse 1:
  Em	      C	             D		     
Made Myself a sandwich this morning
   G  D
I ate it
     Em	         C	       D
I chewed it and stimulated my salivary
G  D
    Em	             C	               D
My Taste buds were functioning and it wasn’t good
  G     D
I hated it
    Em	          C	         D
At least I could swallow it, it went down my
  G   D

  C	       D            G              Em
These are the functions of your digestive tract
 C	     D                G               Em
You may not like it but you can’t escape the fact

Verse 2:
     Em	         C	     D
It landed in my stomach it sloshed around in the
G	      D
Hydrochloric acid
     Em	               C             D
it squeezed through a valve to the smaller
   G           D
intestinal cavity
        Em		C	        D
it was broken down and absorbed by the little things
       G  D
Called Villi
Em	     C	               D
Man what you can’t learn from watching some
G     D
Bill Nye™


Verse 3
      Em	 C		       D
The stuff that wasn’t absorbed by the villi goes to the
 G         D
Large Intestine
 Em       C	      D
There it festers for up to
   G	     D
Twenty-Four Hours
  Em	       C	     D
After that it gets a little bit more
G   D
     Em		       C	       D
Some stuff happens and hopefully some more happens that
     G	      D
I’m not gonna mention


  D	        G		     Em	         C
Hopefully  You learned something by watching my show
D	      G		            Em           C
Now if you’d please excuse me I’ve really got to go


I don't own Bill Nye™  I am not Bill Nye™, i don't endorse Bill Nye™ so DON'T SUE ME!
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