Misc Unsigned Bands - Luke Mejares - Pretty Girl tab

Title: Pretty Girl
Artist: Luke Mejares

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Intro: G#m-C#m (2x)

G#m                   C#m
Most girls, wish that they had your eyes
G#m                 G#m
And boys, secretly fantasize
G#m             C#m
Who me, I am just mesmerized
Bb                    C
By your every word and movement

G#m                 C#m
You are as close as a girl can be
 G#m                         C#m
To ideal, but somehow you disagree
G#m                                  C#m
The whole world sees perfection but all you see
Bb                C
Is room for more improvement


Silly girl pretty girl
C#m                G#m          
If you don't see, what a spell you sweet
C#m                       Bb
love has cast on me, Girl and I pray that never
will this trance be broken

I melt, in your mouth when you talk to me
I wanna kiss you so slow and sweet
You are the book that I want to read
In braille cover to cover

(Do Verse Chords)

Girl you're so deep inside
You're my DNA, you're how tall I am
You're how much I weight
You're th reasin that someone
Had t pen the phrase
To knw here to love her

(repeat chorus)

Eb               G#m          Bb
everything you do is like a movie screne
Eb                       G#m
Every pose you strike is from some
Eb                      Bb
And I want to turn you page
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