Misc Unsigned Bands - Maryann - Identica tab


Em, G, Dsus2, C (2x)

Em                            G              Dsus2                   C
Lots of people try to tell me who i should beNot many can accept the real me
Em              G                Dsus2           C
Go away im not listening to you, I wont give in i don't care what you do
Em              G          Dsus2            C
I like my style my music  But your attitude makes me sick
Em                 G             Dsus2                   C
So suck it in and keep it there you can't hurt me cause i don't care

Em          G          Dsus2                C
Get a life, Don't cry, im not on your side, this is what i like
Em          G            C             Dsus2
Don't hide, i never lie, i can decide for myself thankyou

Em                     G             Dsus2                C
This is where i stand the way i am, You want me to change you'd do what you

Em                  G                    Dsus2                        C
o matter how much you put in the effort The pressure i'll ignore cause it;s

not worth it
Em                   G                Dsus2                C
Im not exactly the way you'd choose i'd rather be myself what have i got to

Em                  G                       Dsus2               C
All the thoughts of change have been deleted i'll stay this and leave you



Em                G
Maybe oneday you'll see
A                  C
I can't be fooled so easily
E     G                Gm                   F#m
Don't ask me to change if thats the way your gonna be
Sorry but i'd rather be me


(At the end of Song Do This)e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------3/ 2/ 1~------------------------------------------------------------------|
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