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Members in Patience
Tears Won't Fall Tonight Acoustic Chords


      D - A - Bm - G (3x)...
       (with some lead parts..)

   Verse 1:

           D                        A
         Everytime I see you smile my heart

                Bm             G
          Felt like I'm Crying

          And Everytime I see You Laugh

         It makes me fall In Love with You...

           ( Just Repeat the Chords )...

     Pre Chorus :

             A - Bm 
         Cause here to make love with you...


          D            A
Please dont cry tonight and let me show you

          Bm            G
How Beautiful is Life Tonight ..


Verse 2: same chords as verse 1
Repeat chorus
Bridge: A -Bm- G- D
Outro: bass fills And leads
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