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--Tab from Lucas(SecondGreenShirt)-----
Song:Crush on Hillary

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY0yoyiiyys   (how to play)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLSWudoqtWE   (the song)

Df Bf F# G#E|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|66666----------------------|D|66666--8888----4444---6666-|A|44444--8888----4444---6666-|E|-------6666----2222---4444-|
Df obama girl you're a skank Bf and everybody knows F# obamas not gonna win G# even if you take off all your clothes Df Hilliary 08 Bf winning the debates F# i know your crushin on obama well i G# i've got a crush on Hillary Df 2008 Bf you're the sexiest candidate F# theres no way were gonna lose G# barack obama cant dance like you
Df BfE|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------4-6-4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|6666---6-----6------6-8-10-8-8-10-11-10-8-8-10-11-10-8-10-11-13-11-10-10-11-13-11-10-11-10--|D|6666--6--------888-8------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|4444-----------888--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------666--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Df i don't have political views Bf but i know that i want you F# those thighs those eyes yeah yeahhh G# yeahhh i've got a crush oh Hillary Df 2008 Bf you're the sexiest candidate F# theres no way were gonna lose G# i wish i was as cute as you.. Df oh nooo Bf Iowas gone for shoo F# guess which has more electoral votes G# new Hampshire for the win my mom is a republican -------Bridge---------
i've got a crush on Hillary Df 2008 Bf you're the sexiest candidate F# 2008 G# cause i've got a crush yeah i've got a crush on Hillary --Tab from Lucas(SecondGreenShirt)-----
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