Misc Unsigned Bands – Untye - Shine tab

Artist: Untyde
Song: Shine


Verse picking:[-----------------------------------][---0--0-----0--0-----04--0---04--0-][--0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0---0---0--][-5--5--5-/7--7--7-\3---3---3---3---][-----------------------------------][-----------------------------------]
*Verse 1* Whatever makes you shine What ever makes you happy There's a star in the line But it's starting to fade out lately And I?m missing it baby And all the places that you?ve been And all the things that you?ve done Don?t seem to make much difference Don?t seem to make you happy anymore --CHORUS-- G Always searching D Always wanting more C Why don't you take it C Why don't you make it G Don't stand there D Looking for excuses C Cause you won't get them C No you won't get them From me [Back into verse picking] *Verse 2* You got this dead-end job and you hate it You want to quit the sucker everyday You wanna tell your boss to kiss your ass In a most poetic way But you don?t know if you can You're afraid of what you are But you could be so bright You could shine just like a star *CHORUS* Whatever makes you shine Whatever makes you happy Whatever makes you glow That's the way it should be Whatever makes you shine *CHORUS* Whatever makes you shine Whatever makes you happy -That's the way it should be
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