Misc Unsigned Bands – Stealing Steven - I Am Here For You tab

Hey... whatsup it's christian from this band... here's how to play I Am Here For You by 
one and only Stealing Steven

*note: there is no lead parts in here... this is just the chords

Eb Tuning

Chords Used: E B C# AEb|------------------|Bb|------------------|Gb|-9---4---6---2----|Db|-9---4---6---2----|Ab|-7---2---4---0----|Eb|------------------|
My Version I play:Eb|------------------|Bb|------------------|Gb|-9---4---6---2----|Db|-9---4---6---2----|Gb|-9---4---6---2----|Eb|------------------|
Intro Pt2: E, B, C#, A, E, B, C#, E, V1:E, B, You’ll burn this city down C#, With the fire in your eyes A, And to no one else but me E, It’ll be no big surprise B, You’re staring out the window C#, Tell me what do you see A, Is it a lonely future Or is it one with me Chorus: E, B, C#, A I am here for you(Through your darkest hour) E, B, C#, E I am here for you(If it takes forever) E, B, C#, A, E,B,C#, I am here for you(Cause no one else will be yeah) E, I’m here for you Verse: And I’ve climbed the tallest mountain Just to see what I could see And if I told you to your face It’s something you wouldn’t believe It’s a new future with me And a new future with you And if you follow me There’s nothing we can’t do (Chorus) Interlude E, B, C#, A, (Chorus) End
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