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What the Hell is Wrong with You?
(Nicky Patterson 2005)


E         D                  C       A
What the hell is wrong with you?
E            D              C         A
Thatís the third time this week
E     D              C             A
I am only tryin to help you
E             D           C        A
But still you grit your teeth!

Why donít you pull yourself together?
Stop feeling sorry for yourself?
Things could be much better
If you got a grip of yourself!

C#m                    G#
I know it might sound cruel
A                  E
Abut how am I to blame?
 C#m                  G#
And I simply donít believe you
           A                 E
When you say weíre both the same

What the hell is wrong with you?
Thatís the last time youíll see
I was only tryin to help you
Now just get the fuck away from me!
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