Misc Unsigned Bands – Six-string Symphony - The Bianchisong Song tab

The Bianchisong Song

Made in glorification to the greatest teacher to ever live... ever

Chords used in this song -- Am   G   D   Em   S (supress sound)

X (in tabs) -- rest fingers on strings, yet do not produce melody
~ -- elongate previous note(s)

(D=down & U=up)
Strum Pattern (1st & 3rd lines of Prechorus) -- D | D-U-D | D-U | D-U | D-D
Strum Pattern (2nd & 4th lines of Prechorus) -- D | D-U-D | D-U~
Strum Pattern (ending chord[s] in Chorus & Verses) -- D | D-U-D | D-U-D | D-D
Strum Pattern (Preoutro) -- D~
Strum Pattern (Outro A) -- Same as Prechorus strum patterns

4-4 Time

Intro/Verse (also play w/o chord during Verses)

E|----------------------|B|------1~--------------|G|--------2~-----2~-----| D|----2~----------------|A|--0~------0~-0~-------|E|----------------------|
Am Verse 1 Who's that flying in the sky? It's Bianchi; can't deny He'll tear you apart, limb from limb If you slack off in front of him Am D Prechorus G He's got himself a lazy eye laser D And a comb-over of death Em He turned Michael Jackson into a whitey (and) Am (C) Shaved Brittney Spears' head
Chorus TabsE|--7~7-XX-7~7-XX-5~5-XX-5~5-XX-|B|--8~8-XX-7~7-XX-6~6-XX-5~5-XX-|G|--7~7-XX-7~7-XX-5~5-XX-5~5-XX-|
D~ Em~ Am~ Chorus (during tabs) Bianchi (is our) savior (of) justice (and) freedom Bianchi (is the) meaning (of the) pursuit (of) hap-pi-ness Verse 2 He's on the spot when in need He's rivaled with Slacker, yes indeed The Bianch's seen patrolling the city And capturing bad guys without pity Am D Prechorus G He's got super-accurate grading D He's far better than the cops Em And he knows how many licks it takes to get Am To the center of a Tootsie Pop [Chorus]
SoloE |-----------------------| |------9-12~15-12-|B |-----------------------| |-9-12------------|G |---------------9-11-12-| |-----------------| X3D |------9-10-12----------| |-----------------|A |---10------------------| |-----------------|E |--9--------------------| |-----------------|
E |-------------------------------|-------------------------------|B |-15-12-------------------------|-------------------------------|G |-------15-14-12~12-12H15P12----|-------------------------------|D |-------------------------------|-15-14-12~12-14-12-14-15-14-12-|A |-------------------------------|-------------------------------|E |-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------|B |---------------------12--------|G |---------------12-14---14-12---|D |-15-14-12-14----------------14-|A |-------------------------------|E |-------------------------------|
E |-----------------------|B |-----------------------|G |--------------12-14-12-|D |--------12-14----------|A |--12-14----------------|E |-----------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------------------------|G |-15~15~14-12--15~15-15-15-14-12-14-15-15~15~14-12--9B-10~-| X2D |----------------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------|B |-----------------------------------------------------|G |-9-7---5-7-5---3-5-3---1-3-1-5-4-2-------------------|D |-----------------------------------5-4-2-------------|A |-----------------------------------------5-3-2-------|E |-----------------------------------------------5-----|
E |---------------------------||-5P3P2-||-----------------0~~|B |-----------------------3-5-||-------||-5-3-------------0~~|G |-----------------2-4-5-----||-(X12)-||-----5-4-2-1-3-1-0~~|D |-----------2-4-5-----------||-------||-----------------2~~|A |-----2-3-5-----------------||-------||-----------------2~~|E |-3-5-----------------------||-------||-----------------0~~|
Verse 3 Run the mile on Friday Or Bianchi will show dismay He'll rip your face off with one thrust And leave your body in the dust Am D Prechorus G He's our good ol' beloved crime fighter (in an) D American Eagle cap Em He's got a hawaiin shirt, what a flirt (and) Am (C) Khaki shorts cover his lap [Chorus] Preoutro [Prechorus vocals] G But even though we know we'll miss him D When we move on in life, Em His jolly old soul will forever go Am On til' the day we die G And I don't know if he's ever been hated (or) D Even disliked unjustly Em But pull away the curtain, and see what's certain Am (C)X That our favorite teacher... is Bianchi Outro A [Prechorus] G
Em Am
Outro BD|-----2---|-----2---|-----0---|-----0---|A|---3---3-|---3---3-|---2---2-|---2---2-|E|-0-------|-0-------|-3-------|-3-------|
[Fade away] In honor of Mr. Bianchi -- the greatest teacher to ever teach
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