Misc Unsigned Bands – Darth Mango - Paper Soul tab

This is a song written by me, and it seems to be the only song I've written that anyone
It's in standard tuning, but it sounds great one step down.
Repeat the intro into and throughout the verse.

Em G C

Sitting Alone, Calling out your name
But you're too far to hear it.
And on my own, I'm going insane,
there's too much shit to deal with.


Em             C
Her's my Paper Soul
Em             C
Don't need it anymore
Em                C
Here's to what we know
Em                C
You burn my Paper Soul

That's it for the chords...there is also a bass part,played on an acoustic guitar,it 
like this

to hear this song (the version currently without the bass)go to MySpace.com/DarthMango
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