Misc Unsigned Bands - Paper Street Compound - Wasting Me tab

This is another song that people seem to like by me...to hear this song, go to

Tuning: Half Step Down

How to play A*(Pattern)

How to play Em*(Pattern)
Intro Am A* Am A* G Verse: Am A* Am I've been there before A* G So many times. Am A* Am I've heard it all. A* G So many lies. Am A* Am You're Dyyyyyiiing A* G Seems like you're Lyyyiiing Am A* Am You're Bleeeeeding, G(let ring) G(let ring) Your heart is twitching in the palm of my Chorus: Am C Hand. You're right here, G Em calling for, forgiveness once again Am C Trying to fake salvation G Em But soon you'll see Em* You're Wasting me Just repeat for the rest of the song...Have fun add me, or request tabs Myspace.com/DarthMango
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