Misc Unsigned Bands - Florian Reza - A Quantum Of Solace tab

                          A Quantum of Solace

All The Years we went together 
You told me your pain, you coming better
I hear your story, feeling sadder
G                        F#
Hear a boyfriendís name, getting madder

In the world of rage and pain,
Are the weapons all the gain?
Never ending storyís told,
Love is the only thing to hold 

A Quantum of Solace 
Is Running Through Your Face
Is Something of My Help for You
Let These Things Never Go (2x)

Behind your eyes, youíre in mourning
Thatís what you earning, early Morning 
Tea, and Coffee all that problems
You never want it anymore and

The blue letter, come from the school
You injure again all the rules
Mam and Dad think youíre fool 
All Your friends said, keep it cool
Thatís why the solace,
Thatís why the solace,
Yeah thatís why no quantum of solace helps you


All the shit you did in life,
F#          G
Is the base of the solace,


A Quantum of Solace 
Is Running Through My Face
Is something of your help for Me
Let These Things
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