Misc Unsigned Bands – Six-string Symphony - Jimmy tab

This song is played to "Angie" by The Rolling Stones. So if you can't get the tune in 
head then just listen to that song. All this does is replace the lyrics. I did not create 
write any of this music except for the lyrics. The rest belongs to The Stones.

The tablature / chords written on here came from a submitted "Angie" tab by "Carpenter". 
tabbed it; I didn't. I didn't reconstruct the tab at all either excluding replacing the 
and re aligning the chords up to them.

Six-String Symphony

Chord Definitions:
G: 320003
G/B: 022000
Am: x02210
C: x32010
Csus4: x33010
F: xx3211
Am7: x02213 or x02010
E7: 020100
Fsus4: xx3311
Gsus4: xx5533
Gsus4/B: x30003 or 330003
Dm: xx0231
Dsus2: xx0230
A5: xx22xx
E5: xxxx00
Am9: x02203
Dm9: xx0555
Dm7: xx0565

Am E7 P.M.>>>|e|-----|-----0--0--0------3-0------------|---------0-------------0----------|B|-----|-----1-----1------1-------1------|-------3---3--------3-------------|G|-----|-----2-----2-----------2---------|-----4-------4------4-------4--0--|D|-----|-----2---------2-------------2-2-|----------------------------------|A|-12--|---------------------------------|----------------------------------|E|-----|---------------------------------|-0--------------4-----------------| +
Gsus4 Fsus4 F Csus4 C Gsus4/Be|------------3-------------------1-----|-------1---------------0-----------|B|---------3-----3-------------------1--|----------------1------1-------1---|G|------5-----------5-----3--2----------|----2--------------0--------------0|D|-5-------------------5--3--3----------|-3-----------3-----2---------0-----|A|--------------------------------------|----------3---------------2--------|E|--------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
Am E7 Jim - my, Jim - mye|----0-----------5--5--5--3------------|-----------0---0--------0----------|B|----1-----------5--5--5--3------------|---------3---3-3--------3----------|G|----------------------------5---------|-------4-------4------------X------|D|-2------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|A|-0---------2--------------------------|-----------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|-0---------------------------------|
Gsus4 G Fsus4 F Cadd4 C when will you stop bein' so weird?________e|----3----3----------------------------|B|----3----3----------------------------|G|----5----5-----------3-----2----------|D|-5-------------0-----3-----3----------|A|------------------------------------3-|E|--------------------------------------|
Now the rhythm guitar starts strumming the chords. The lead should continue finger- picking the chords because the rest of the song doesn't really have any consistent riffs or licks and it is boring for your audience if you emulate every nuisance of Keith Richards and Mick Taylor's finger-pickings. Verse: Am E7 Jimmy, Jimmy, Gsus4 G Fsus4 F Cadd4 C When will you stop bein' so weird? Am E7 Jimmy, Jimmy, Gsus4 G Fsus4 F Cadd4 C Sometimes you act like a queer Chorus: G Am C With no sense up in there and barely any hair F G You can't say you're a straight guy Am Am7 E7 But Jimmy, Jimmy, G F Fsus4 F C You can't say your height's very high Verse: Am7 Am E7 Jimmy, you're pretty cool, G F Fsus4 F Gsus4 C But ain't it time you told gayness goodbye? Am Am7 E7 Jimmy, You're like a brother, G F Fsus4 F Gsus4 C Remember all those times you spent the night? Chorus: C G All the videos we would host Dm Dsus2 Am Am7 Filled with laughter and some jokes F C/G G Let me whisper in your ear: Am E7 G Jimmy, Jimmy, F F Fsus4 C Why are you such a frikkin' queer? Solo on Piano arranged for guitar: Am
Am7 E7e|-20--19--19---17-------12--------12------19---17--17---16---------------12|B|-17--------------------12h13-----12---------------------------------12----|G|-----19--19---17-------------14----------19---17--17---16-------13--------|D|-------------------14----------------14---------------------14------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G F Fsus4 F Ce|------19p17-----18p17-----17---------13---13---12---10---12--------15---15|B|-15---------20--18----20--18------13-------------------------15h17----15--|G|-------------------------------14---------14---12---10---12---------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Am7 E7e|-----20--19--20--17----12--------------------12------19p\17--19--16----12-|B|-----17------17------------------------------12---------------------------|G|-17------19------17----14--------12----14------------19p\17--19--16----13-|D|-----------------------------14------------------14-----------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G Fe|-------------12------19--19--19p\17--15--18p17------17------17---------------|B|---------12------15----------------------18-----20--18--20--18---------13----|G|-----13--------------19--19--19p\17-----------------------------12h14--------|D|-14--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: C G Oh, Jimmy, you sometimes stink, Dm Am C And at times you smell like feet F G It usually gives me watery eyes Am A5 E7 But Jimmy, jimmy, G F Fsus4 F C Ain't it time you told gayness goodbye? Interlude: Am7 E7 G Fsus4 F Gsus4 C Chorus: G Am C With no sense up in there and barely any hair F G You can't say you're a straight guy Bridge: Dm E5 Am Am7 Am9 But Jimmy, My lil' random buddy Dm E5 Am Am7 Am9 Am7 My knees are adjacent to your eyes Dm Dm9 Dm7 Am G C there ain't a dude that says poo more than you F G Come on Jimmy, don't tell lies Verse: Am Am7 Am E5 E7 But Jimmy, Jim-my, G Fsus4 F Fsus4 F C Ain't it weird to be thigh high? Am G E7 Jimmy, Ji-mmy, G Fsus4 F F Fsus4 F Gsus4 C Tall or not, you're still a funny guy | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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