Misc Unsigned Bands - The Joe Pirret Experience - Carry On Darlin tab

A song about my first love - i was an idiot and if you ever read this im so sorry.

'Carry On' by Joe Pirret

Verse 1

I cant believe that we're over,
I cant believe that we're done,
Theres a good and a bad side in me,
And the bad side it won.
I thought that this would make me happy,
But its only made me sad,
And its just now I've realized,
You were the one good thing i had.

Chorus 1

            Am               F
You made me think that I was special,
            C                G
You made me think that I was good,
        Am             F
When it came to loving someone else,
            C            G
You made me think that I could.
            Am                F
But now the world is cold without you,
       C                G
And my heart is just as bad,
    Am           F
For me to try to loose you,
       C            G
Well I just must be mad.

Verse 2

Im so sorry I gave up on us,
Im so sorry I never tried,
Im so sorry for the pain I've caused you,
And for all the tears youve cried.
And I wish I could have kissed you,
On the lips just one more time,
And I wish I could have held you, 
In my arms for all of time.

Chorus 2

I never wanted to hurt you,
Or to cause you any pain,
I didnt mean to desert you,
But please let me explain;
I started thinkin about the future,
And scaring myself stiff,
Thinkin about the person,
I could spend my whole life with.

Verse 3

And my greatest fear throughout this all,
Was not what we both could be;
It was you turning around one day,
And saying you dont love me.
Every time we had an argument,
And every time we had a fight,
I'd love myself loads less and less,
And cry myself to sleep at night.

Chorus 3

I was so tired of all the hurting,
Of all those words so sour too,
I thought id fallen out of love,
So i deserted you,
Because i thought that i was nothing,
And that i had nothing to loose,
But darlin, i had everythin,
My everything was you.

Musical Interlude

Chorus 4

I will think of you every second,
From the dusk till the dawn,
I have only two words for you,
Carry on.
Carry On.
Carry On.
Hold your head high and turn away,
And Carry On.

carry on.
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