Misc Unsigned Bands – Nicky Patterson - Where Have You Been Tonight tab

Where Have You Been Tonight?
(Nicky Patterson 2008)


C                        Am
…And then it hits your mangled
      C             Am
Your speech is all tangled
          C             Am
And when faced with a question
      C           Am
Your mental indigestion
   F                    C
Delivers a response so queer
      F                C
As to how you arrived here
        F                  C
But your legs and arms and wits and charms
   F   G           D
Do not give up the fight (to walk and talk)

…The head is baffled
“Where have you been tonight?”
It’s 1130 and dark
Stand half-accused in the streetlight
Your hesitation has caused frustration
And the mans arm bounds across your chest
Not tonight pal, I’m sorry
You’re just not looking your best

These cunts are all the same
Were probably bullied as weans
But now, at the stroke of happy hour
It is they who have the power
To adorn you the humiliation
Partly due to your inebriation
But to cut short your big night out
The last resort is to stand back and shout

“Who the fuck are you talking to ya prick!?”
Your throat runs dry but the words don’t stick
You’re politely asked to leave the vicinity
And you’re pals have suddenly dropped their affinity to you
So with head held low
At this crushing final blow
You make for the taxi rank
While eyeing up a couple of old skanks

They’re high heeled and scantily clad
But warm to your attention
Of this you’re most glad
She asks you your age and you lie
But so does she
As you stand and watch as she pees
There is promise yet to this Friday night
She giggles and winks and you think you just might
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