Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Here Comes The Mouldmaster tab

Here Comes the Mouldmaster!
(Nicky Patterson 2008)

V1: (chord sequence 1)
Grey skies and spittin rain
Saturday morningís come again
Iím waitin for Mr McIlwaine
     C          D         G
To take us all up the school

V2: (C.s.1)
The pride of playin P7 first team
The strips are washed, the boots are clean
Weíre flyin now like Mr Sheen
How many can we score?

V3: (C.s.2)
The refís the janny no surprise
And it isnít long Ďfore someone skies
The ball oíer the fence and lies
    C       D      G
He says it wasnae him!

V4: (C.s.2)
Seagulls are on at half-time
Had kia-ora Iím feelin fine
Iíll give my boots another shine
And on for the second half!

V5: (C.s.1)
The blaze is crusty on my knees
The dadís are cursin referees
Who the hell is John Cleese?
Heís just given a free-kick!

V6: (C.s.1)
Back ten yards says Basil Fawlty
All of a sudden my mouth goes salty
Weíre makin a wall but its too cold to
And the boy is takin his time

  C              G
Here comes the mouldmaster
          C                   G
And itís flyin right towards me
 C          G   Em
Oh help me mammy
Iím gonna need some TLC

V7: (C.s.1)
I want to greet I want to cry
Itís got me right inside the thigh
The slap the sting that fuckin thing
Should be banned by the HSE

V1: (C.s.1)
Grey skies and spitting rain
Saturday morningís come again
Iím waitin for Mr McIlwaine
To take me up the road!

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