Misc Unsigned Bands – Nicky Patterson - Your Mum Wasnt Wearing Knickers tab

Your Mum Wasn’t Wearin Knickers!
(Nicky Patterson 2005)


Verse riff: Am|F|E|Am until last line

I’m not jokin 
it came right out the blue
For a while I was quite certain 
that it just wasn’t true
The wind blew right through us, 
really ruffled my shirt
But it took a funny up-gust 
and it lifted up her skirt
     G         Em                      Am (into riffx4 then V2)
And mate, your mum wasn’t wearin any knickers!

Now it wasn’t only me who saw, 
there was your da and his bird
There was Collette and Pat and Dave as well, 
so I’m not bein absurd
And it’s not that we were looking, 
it just happened so fast
But we wouldn’t have seen that much at all 
if her skirt wasn’t half mast
Aw mate, your mum…she wasn’t wearin knickers!

We tried quickly to forget it 
but we found it quite hard
And I hope you can forgive us 
it fair took us off guard
I tried to change the subject 
but Pat muttered to Dave
That it could have been a whole lot worse 
if your mum hadn’t shaved!
And mate, your mum wasn’t wearin knickers!

Riff x2 only into Instrumental Verse barred chords, final line low G on 3rd to high E on 7

So your mum had had a bit to drink,
so I got her up the road
On bidding her goodnight at last 
she grabbed me by the coat
She offered me some coffee 
but I thought that was too far
And those aren’t your mum’s knickers 
that you saw in my car
Aw mate, those aren’t your mum’s knickers! (this line high G, high E)

Last line barred G on 3rd normal E, final strike on Am
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