Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Pigeons Are So Ugly tab

Pigeons Are So Ugly
(Nicky Patterson 2005)

Verse Slow riff: Asus2|Cmaj7|Em
Chorus Moderate: Am|C|Em

I stand and watch you from my window
You’re standing all alone
The cold wind rasping at your cheeks
You are oh so beautiful

You dip your hand in one more time
And scatter all around
You put your hair behind your ear
And you are so…

Those pigeons are so ugly
Those pigeons are so ugly
Those pigeons are so ugly
You’re so beautiful
You’re beautiful x 6 (on last hold last chord for 2 bars)

I try to glimpse your gorgeous eyes
But you’re never looking up
I find it hard to control myself
Cause you’re never looking up


I’m standing at the bus-stop
You’re walking toward me
The rain is lashing down my neck
But I am oh so happy!

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