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Life Goes On
(Nicky Patterson 2005)

G#                   E
He sits there in the High Street
      C#                    G#
The sign says “Please Feed Me”
       G#                   E
He’s drunk again with opinions
        C#               G#
And he aims one right at me
But I decline…
     E C#2    G#
And life goes on

She’s locked herself in the bathroom 
With the hammer in her hand
She’s black and blue with bruises
But he’ll get a second chance
He’s a lucky man…
And life goes on

REFRAIN1: E|Eb|G# x2

He’s been in the gang since turning 10
And he’s fought like all the rest
But now they’ve got a hold of him
And they’ve stuck it in his chest
It doesn’t make the news…
And life goes on

She’s on her own with three young kids
And she struggles to get by
The rent is 3 months overdue 
And she’ll be on the street tonight
But, as they say…
Life goes on

REFRAIN2: C#2|B|G# x2
REFRAIN1: E|Eb|G# x2
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