Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Drunk tab

(Nicky Patterson 2005)

Bm: 2|2|4|4|3|2
G : 3|5|5|4|3|3
D : 5|5|7|7|7|5
A : 5|7|7|6|5|5
E : 7|7|9|9|9|7
G2: 10|10|12|12|12|10

Bm        G       D             A        Bm     G  D  A
Side by side we stood through thick and thin
Bm    G            D      A          Bm     G  D  A
Id always loved you and youd loved him
Bm        G       D       A    Bm     G  D  A
Our eyes used to meet so very often
    Bm     G       D              Bm     G  D  A
Yet now I long for your eyes to soften
E    G2    Bm     G  D  A
How can I win?
E    G2    Bm     G  D  A
How can I win?

I write my letters and songs, dedicate them to you
And this is now how Im trying to get into you
But you look at me as if to say Im wasting my time
But I wrote all these words for you  for you to be mine
How can I win?
How can I win?

V3: (Instrumental)

I feel hurt all the time as I bide this emotional winter
But the flowers in your eyes might bloom if I can pull myself together
I realise now who he is and how much you want him
Ive been drunk for days and days and Id almost forgotten
And oh how Im gonna win!
          E                         G                 Bm(last strike)
For the very last time Im putting down this bottle of Gin!
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