Misc Unsigned Bands – The Effect - Time Rages On tab

Okay, this is the first actual good song I made. Be nice when rating.

Tabbed by superubercool
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Time Rages On

Chords G C9 C C2 C* |-3---0---0---0---0-| |-2---3---3---3---3-| |-0---2---2---2---2-| |-0---0---0---0---0-| |-3---3---1---3---1-| |-3---3---0---0---3-|
Intro G & C9 x4 G C9 The worlds spinning out of control. G C9 These moments in time have taken its toll. G C9 The words flow, into my heart. G C9 And I wondered"Oh god, when does it start?" G & C9 x2 G C9 These words have stained my soul. G C9 My memories have filled the worlds biggest hole. G C9 There's really no story to tell G C9 The words ring like a clear crystal bell. CHORUS: C C2 C C2 Stories that time never told. C C2 C C2 You gotta move on before we get too old. G C9 G C9 Our hearts beat faster than time will allow. G C9 G C9 I never knew love before it struck me just now. C [Let Ring] C* [Let Ring] Time Rages On... Time Rages On x2 G & C9 chords x4 G C9 Paper hearts and glass knives. G C9 This can't go on for the rest of our lives. G C9 Who ever thought it would end up like this. G C9 !----Stop abruptly right there Before I go, give me one last kiss. !!!!!!!!! CHORUS x2 !!!!!!!!! Then go right into... Note: Make EPIC!! G C9 Our souls intertwine! G C9 Your hand in mine! G C9 What, can I say?! G [Keep strumming] C9 Time Rages On! Time Rages On! x4 G C9 I can feel it moving! G C9 The music inside my head! G C9 The rhythm is so discreet! G C9 And our hearts dance to the beat! C [Let Ring] C* [Let Ring] Time Rages On... Time Rages Ooon... End on G
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