Misc Unsigned Bands – Lauren Fairweather - Black Santas tab

E G#m Bm4 (Bm on the 4th thingey) A

E            G#m     Bm4       A
Angela, it's been a great five weeks

E            G#m            Bm4   A
But there is something I should say

E        G#m         Bm4      A
No, I'm not breaking up with you

E            G#m       Bm4   A
Everything's perfectly okay

E                  G#m       Bm4     A
I know you've been wondering what is up

E         G#m           Bm4   A
And why I haven't taken you home

E          G#m     Bm4     A
Before you walk inside my door

E         G#m          Bm4   A
There is something you should know

A               F#m
I've just gotta tell you

A               E
I'll give it a shot

A             F#m
Now I'm gonna show you

A                 E
Exactly what I've got...


           G#m                 A
I've got a house full of black santas,

      B             E
Black santas on the walls

    G#m             A
And everywhere you turn

            F#m             B
Those black santas deck the halls

     G#m          A
And later when we make out

    A                E
You should watch out because

         Bm4                    B  
We'll be watched by twenty-four hundred eyes

   A                     E
of twelve hundred black santas

(same chords as the first verse and bridge)

Black santas line the windowsills and mantel
They hang from the stairway banister
You can't escape from the one in the guest bathroom
We've even got a pez dispenser

I'm living in an official Santa landmark
It's an embarrassing fact
I'll be surprised if you come to visit
And my love life stays intact

Please don't be turned off now
The fault here isn't mine
My parents are so proud of
Their year long Christmas shrine


     E                   A
They see you when you're sleeping

     E                   A
They know when you're awake

        Bm                 B
They'll see us when we're hooking up

     Bm            B
And when I masturbate

So you'd better not pout

You'd better not cry

If you go running out

I'll understand why... 

(chords in order of EBGDAE)
E: 001220
G#m: 4446644
Bm4: 4566444
A: 0111xx
B: 244422
F#m: 222442
Bm: 234422
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