Misc Unsigned Bands – Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It tab

			     PUT A DONK ON IT (video version - Blackout Crew

Tabbed by: O Master Thrash
Email: richard.innocent@virgin.net

Blackout Crew's website: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?
Record label: All Around The World

I don't know if I looked too hard, but I couldn't find a tab for this on guitar 
So let's put you out of your misery. I don't think this is totally right, but
it's close enough. It's really simple.

All you need to know for this tab:
Ch: Chords
SP: Strumming pattern
s: slide

[Dead the strings after all strums except the first of each chord] G#maj.------------- Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.------|e |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|B |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|G |5---5-5-5-|5-5-5-5-|8---8-8-8-|7---7-7-7---|D |----------|--------|----------|------------|A |----------|--------|----------|------------|E |----------|--------|----------|------------|SP|U---D-D-D-|D-D-D-D-|U---D-D-D-|U---U-U-U---|
"Yeah, yeah, it's sick that. Yeah that's good." X1 --- "Wait hold on a minute, pull it up, stop."
Ch:Gme |-------|B |0~-----|G |0~-----|D |-------|A |-------|E |-------|SP|D------|
--- "You know what you wanna do with that right? You wanna put a bangin' donk on it!"
Ch:G#maj.------------- Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.------|e |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|B |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|G |5---5-5-5-|5-5-5-5-|8---8-8-8-|7---7-7-7---|D |----------|--------|----------|------------|A |----------|--------|----------|------------|E |----------|--------|----------|------------|SP|U---D-D-D-|D-D-D-D-|U---D-D-D-|U---U-U-U---|
"Yeah, yeah, yeah thats sick. That is sick! I can definately drop to that one."
Ch:G#maj.------------- Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.------|e |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|B |4---4-4-4-|4-4-4-4-|7---7-7-7-|6---6-6-6---|G |5---5-5-5-|5-5-5-5-|8---8-8-8-|7---7-7-7---|D |----------|--------|----------|------------|A |----------|--------|----------|------------|E |----------|--------|----------|------------|SP|U---D-D-D-|D-D-D-D-|U---D-D-D-|U---U-U-U---|
"All we need now is like a hook like. You know what, I've got actualy the perfect one." --- "Baseline! (Ahh wicked!) Put a donk on it. Electro! (Ahh that is sick that mate!) Put a donk on it. Techno! (Ohhh that is good!) Put a donk on it."
[here, only deaden the strings after the second strum of each chord]Ch:Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.------|e |7---7-7-7s|6---6-6-6---|B |7---7-7-7s|6---6-6-6---|G |8---8-8-8s|7---7-7-7---|D |----------|------------|A |----------|------------|E |----------|------------|SP|U---D-D-D-|U---U-U-U---|
"Ey, thats good that Tony! Ahahah sick!" --- "Baseline! (Where'd you learn that one) Put a donk on it. Electro! (Yeah i like that.) Put a donk on it. Techno! (That one's good.)"
Ch:Bmaj.-----e |7---7-7-7-|B |7---7-7-7-|G |8---8-8-8-|D |----------|A |----------|E |----------|SP|U---D-D-D-|
"Put a donk on it. Donk d-donk donk donk donk." --- "Covers goin' sick tonight, I'm like superman without kryptonite, Phat as hell without cellulite, And I look well sick in a U.V light, Speakin' of sick that's me on the mic, And if you don't like it get on ya bike, Pack ya bags and get out my sight, Otherwise it's left right left goodnight." "Mic controller, Lyric amova, Rhymes that I'm comin so quick like a soldier, So ya better know my name is Cover, If you wanna test me ya better not go there, If you go there ya gonna get messed up, And have a face on you like a broken clock, As I'm comin' you better get runnin', You better get gone or your gonna get dun in." "I'm back, with professional status, The greatest mc that's likely to make this, Take this mic and use it against youz, Other mc's just ain't the same as, This kid's been livin' the dream, Been glued to the mic since I was 13, Get in my way and you will start see, What life is like on a life support machine." "Thou shall not mess with this kid A twisted misfit who joined the hit list It's simple A baby born gifted nothing but lyrics when pens are lifted Raw talent makes me so sickness Rhyming ability oh so deceivin' This recipe for your evenin' Dowie mc's inside he ain't leavin'" --- "Baseline! Put a donk on it. Electro! Put a donk on it. Techno!"
[here, only deaden the strings after the second strum of each chord]Ch:Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.------|e |7---7-7-7s|6---6-6-6---|B |7---7-7-7s|6---6-6-6---|G |8---8-8-8s|7---7-7-7---|D |----------|------------|A |----------|------------|E |----------|------------|SP|U---D-D-D-|U---U-U-U---|
"Put a donk on it. Aye, that's good that Tony!" ---
Ch:G#maj.------------- Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.-------| G#maj.e |----|4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6---6------|B |----|4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6---6------|G |----|5---5---|5---5---|8---8----|7---7------|D |----|6---6---|6---6---|9---9----|8---8------|A |--6-|--------|------9-|-------8-|-------6---|E |----|--------|--------|---------|-----------|SP|----|D---D---|D---D---|D---D----|D---D------|
"Action is my distraction, Reaction is interaction, Clearly, dearly, really, see This mc may legally,"
Ch:G#maj.-------- Bmaj.----- [none]-------| G#maj.e |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|-----------|B |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|-----------|G |5---5---|5---5---|8---8----|-----------|D |6---6---|6---6---|9---9----|-----------|A |--------|------9-|---------|-------6---|E |--------|--------|---------|-----------|SP|D---D---|D---D---|D---D----|-----------|
"Commited never districted, Convicted never restricted, Respected hating the quiet, Inspected making the riot,"
Ch:G#maj.-------- Bmaj.----- Bbmaj.-------| G#maj.e |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6---6------|B |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6---6------|G |5---5---|5---5---|8---8----|7---7------|D |6---6---|6---6---|9---9----|8---8------|A |--------|------9-|-------8-|-------6---|E |--------|--------|---------|-----------|SP|D---D---|D---D---|D---D----|D---D------|
"Dirty, flirty, dirty, G Pouty, louty, shout easy, May Kay is observent, Making the nation my servant,"
Ch:G#maj.-------- Bmaj.-------------------| Bbmaj.e |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6----------|B |4---4---|4---4---|7---7----|6----------|G |5---5---|5---5---|8---8----|7----------|D |6---6---|6---6---|9---9----|8----------|A |--------|------9-|-------8-|-----------|E |--------|--------|---------|-----------|SP|D---D---|D---D---|D---D----|D----------|
"So rent a venger surrender The manly family not tender What in Manchester forever Insult us ill ever." --- "Its time for me to take this livin' the tide To the next places dreams are made Just listen When the music plays I got rhymes to spit and no time to waste But please believe What you see could be the best rhyimg ability you've seen I've prove that this guy can mc (By showing how Rapid rhymes to the beat) What you witness while I do this I'll prove that great mcs exist I insist That this you don't miss Blackout business at the best Now there's no rest Back on set The rapid mc live and direct Put up the volume just a little bit Gimme the beat and put a donk on it." "Baseline!" --- "Whoa whoa whoa whoa Wait a minute Wait a minute What you doin goin to chours with out my bit" "Isn't it strange How some of them closest people change You get so high you cant even arrange A good night out Your stuck on the wrong page Hey (Hey) Theres no need for this Feels like I known ya since we was kids Just think how it is when we drop the sickness Like bids of a feather and you don't wanna miss Cos everywhere we go were rockin it Nobody good enough stopping it So when we hit the chart where toppin it So get on ya feet and put a donk on it!" --- "Baseline! (Ahh wicked!) Put a donk on it. Electro! (Ahh that is sick that mate!) Put a donk on it. Techno! (Ohhh now that is good!) Put a donk on it."
Ch:Bmaj.----e |7---7-7--|B |7---7-7--|G |8---8-8--|D |---------|A |---------|E |---------|SP|U---D-D--|
"Ayy, thats good that Tony! Ahahaha sick!" And that's it =]
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