Misc Unsigned Bands - Life Fire - Broken tab

Written By: Cody Bennett

This is the first ever version in written form. It's all done by one acoustic guitar. It 
be recorded and put on to only 50 special item CD's. The CD will contain songs done by 
the band and only Cody so get them when they come out as fast as possible.

Intro: Em, D, C, Em, D, G


Em      D        G
You've lost your mind

Em    D     G
I've lost control

Em    D       G
Will we ever find

Em   D     G
A brighter sky


Em     D    G
You're not alone

Em         D          G
Cause I've always stayed close

Em   D    g
Can you destroy

Em        D      G
What you didn't create


C               D          Em
Even with your power your powerless

C                   D              g
I will stand in the moonlight and whisper

Chorus 2

G          Em
   Are we saveable

Em         C   D         g
    Or is this coincidence

Em, D, G x2

Verse 2

Em      D      g
Hold me close tonight

Em     D          G
If you feel your lost

Em         D        G
Squeeze my hand too tight

Em          D             G
close your eyes from the light


Chorus 2

G          Em
   Are we saveable

Em         C   D        Em
    Or is this coincidence

G            Em
   Are we capable

Em         C  D        G
   Of such love and passion


G, Gsus, Em, C, G, D

Em, C, G, D, dsus


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