Misc Unsigned Bands - Justin Duenne - The Real In Me tab

Capo 8


D C2 Em7 F#-G----5---- ----3---- ----3---- -----3-----5-5-- ----3-3-- ----3-3-- -----3-------0-- x2 ------0-- ------0-- -----0--------0- -------0- --------0 -----2---5------ --3------ --2------ -----2--0------- -0------- -0------- -2h3-0-
D C2 Em7
-5- -3- -3- -5- -3- -3- -0- -0- -0- -4- -2- -2- -5- -3- -2- -0- -0- -0-
Verse 1 D C2 Em7 F#-G The way i feel about you, is different, than anything else. D C2 Em7 F#-G It's new to me, the way i feel, when I'm walking by you.(walking by you) D C2 Em7 F#-G F#-G If you only knew praying can save, can save the day, can save the faith, can F#-D show they way. Chorus D C2 Em7 She, oh she. F#-G Em7 She sees the real in me. Verse 2 I'm looking at your eyes, you are, so beautiful. Oh my Jesus, can carry you, you out of death. (out of death) My Only love, my only hope. I have is you! Chorus Bridge Em7 C2 G Whenever I Call on your name, Dsus9 you are there. Whenever my hope is lost, Em7 C2 G Whenever my hope is lost, Dsus9 you are there. Chorus D She
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