Misc Unsigned Bands - Torrey Salter - Redemption tab

I heard this song at Catalyst '08.  Praise Jesus and give glory to His name.

Verse 1
G                C
Light of all Creation
             D                        C
Shine in our hearts for the world to see
G                C
Bringer of Salvation
             D                  C
Your gift of life has set us free

     Em           D                  C                G/B
You came from on high and let out a cry to save our souls
Em                   D                      G/B                     C
  You carried the cross, brought hope to the lost, you changed our world

           G                            C
From Your hands redemption flows like rain
           G                          C
From our hearts, creation cries Your name
              D                  Em
Lord of all days, worthy of praise
              D                  Em
we give our lives to seek Your face
              D               Em          C    G
You are the Saviour of all, given for all man-kind

Verse 2 (same as previous)
Jesus Christ Messiah
the only way, our truth, and life
Your name is lifted higher
the Lamb of God was crucified



Em                D            C                  G/B
   You gave Your life such sacrifice for all of Creation (x3)
Em                D            C               G/B       C   G
   You gave Your life such sacrifice and You brought us salvation

Verse 3 (same as previous)
Come let us adore Him
Author of life, our risen King
as we bow before
singing His praise for eternity


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