Misc Unsigned Bands - Dewy Cox - Walk Hard tab

Intro: G B e|---------------|-------------------------|----------------------| B|---------------|-------------------------|----------------------| G|---------------|-------------------------|----------------------| D|---------------|-------------------------|----------------------| A|--2--4br--4br--|---------------4br--4br--|--2------------4/--5--| E|---------------|--3----------------------|----------------------|
D B e|-------------------------|-------------------| B|-------------------------|-------------------| G|-------------------------|-------------------| D|--4----------------------|-------------------| A|---------------4br--4br--|--2----------------| E|-------------------------|-------------------|
Bm D Walk hard, hard G A F# Down life's rocky road Bm D Walk bold, hard G A F# It's my creed, my code Verse: E A E I been scorned and slandered and ridiculed too D G D And I struggled every day my whole life through E A E Seen my share of the worst this world can give F# But I still got a dream and a burning rage to live Bm D Walk hard, hard G A F# When they say you're all done Bm D Walk bold, hard G A F# Though they say you're not the one Verse: E A E Even if you been told time and time again D G D That you're always gonna lose and you're never gonna win E A E Gotta keep that vision in your mind's eye F# When you're standing on top of a mountain high
Bridge: E G A e|--------|---------------------|---------------------------| B|--------|---------------------|---------------------------| G|--------|---------------------|---------------------------| D|--------|---------------------|---------------------------| A|--------|---------------------|-------2----4----4br--4br--| E|--2--1--|--0------------0--2--|--3------------------------|
E G A E e|---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| B|---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| G|---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| D|---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| A|--2------------------|-------2----4----5/-6/-|--7----------------|s E|---------------0--2--|--3--------------------|-------------------|
E You know, when I was a boy G A Folks used to say to me E Slow down, dewey G A Dont' walk so hard E G A And I used to tell them E Life's a race G A And I'm in it to win it E G A And I walk as damn hard as I please E How do I walk boys? G A B Ha - aa - ard Verse: E A E When I meet my maker on my dying day D G D Gonna look him in the eye and by god I'll say E A E I gave my word and my word was good F# I took it in the face and I walked as hard as I could Bm Walk hard, walk hard, walk hard B Walk hard! / slide up br bend and release
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