Misc Unsigned Bands – Susan Jacks - Different Drum tab

Different Drum:Susan Jacks (The Poppy Family)
Top Of Canadian & UK charts in '67-'68.
***Check this one out on YouTube. Her version is
   much faster than Linda Ronstadt's and in my opinion
   better. And I like Linda Ronstadt.***


D F#m G A (2x) 

D       F#m  G             A         D         F#m 
You and I    travel to the beat of a different drum, 
    G         A           D     F#m   
oh, can't you tell by the way I run,  
G     A             D       F#m    G     A 
every time you make eyes at me.....whoa..oh. 
D        F#m G        A      D         F#m 
You cry  and moan and say it will work out, 
    G     A          D      F#m   
but honey child I've got my doubts, 
    G             A              A7 
you can't see the forest for the trees. 

Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not that I knock it, 
it's just that I am not in the market 
      G                A          D  D7
for a boy who wants to love, only me. 
         G              A                  D       F#m     
Yes, and I ain't saying you aren't pretty, all I'm saying is 
Bm      D         E           E7                 Em
I'm not ready for any person, place, or thing to try and pull
the reins in on me. 

A7     D  F#m  G       A          D      F#m 
So goodbye.....I'll be leaving, I see no sense  
        G          A               D               F#m                    
in this crying and grieving, we'll both live a lot longer, 
G      A        D         F#m  G  A 
if you live without me. 

D  D7  G   A  A7 

OUTRO: D F#m G A (2x)  

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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