Misc Unsigned Bands - Rebecca Gubitosi - Zebra Tattoos tab

Strum it as you please.

The stars are shining in my eyes
Your voice is distant in the darkness.
we were underneath the skies.
running down the road once again.

c                                     em
and i remember those days when we were happy.
c                                     em    g
i remember the nights we though would never end.

that is how the whole song goes

we would play make pretend
we would smoke our first cigarette.
we played in the trees.
riding in the wagon singing lollipop.

and then this goes on

won you stay
come and play
c              em
zebra tattoos, dancing with you.
crosswalks and bubble-gum.
sing this song.
c                               em
we forgot all the rules that we broke.
g               d      g
we'll be chums another day.
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