Misc Unsigned Bands – Dee Clark - Raindrops tab

Raindrops:Dee Clark
# 2 in 1961.

    Eb  Cm    Ab  Fm7     Eb  Cm
The raindrops.....so many raindrops,
   Fm7        Eb     Cm     Ab
It feels like rai-aindrops,
G7              Cm        Cm              Eb
Falling from my eye-eyes..falling from my eyes.

Eb       Fm7      Eb   Cm  Fm7             Cm Ab
Since my love has left me, I'm so all alone.
Fm7               Eb      Cm
I would bring her back to me,
Ab          G7               Cm
But I don't know where she's go-o-o-ne,
Cm                       Eb
I don't know where she's gone.

Eb7   Ab                    Gm
There must be a cloud in my he..ad,
Fm                         Eb
Rain keeps falling from my eye-eyes.
    G                 Cm
Oh, no, they can't be teardrops,
      F7                    Bb7  Fm7 Bb7 Fm7
For a man ain't supposed to cry.

Bb7           Eb     Cm    Ab  Fm7     Eb  Cm    Ab
So it must be rai-aindrops.....so many raindrops.
   Fm7        Eb  Cm   Ab  G7              Cm             
It feels like raindrops....falling from my eye-eyes,
Cm              Eb
Falling from my eyes.


Cm          Eb
It keeps on fallin'..
Cm              Eb
Fallin' from my eyes..
Cm          G7              Cm
It keeps on fallin..from my eyes....

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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