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Come A Little Bit Closer:Jay & The Americans.
#3 in '64.

D                         G                 D      G D
In a little café just the other side of the border.
D                                    G
She was just sitting there givin' me looks that 
              D     G D
made my mouth water.
D    G
So I started walking her way..she belonged to bad man, José.
And I knew, yes, I knew I should leave
                 D    G    A
When I heard her say, yeah..

A                 D              G          A
Come a little bit closer..you're my kind of man,
A             A7
So big and so strong.
                  D       G        A
Come a little bit closer..I'm all alone,
                    D     G A A7....D G A A7
And the night is so long..

A     D                       G                   D     G D
So we started to dance..In my arms, she felt so inviting.
And I just couldn't resist
                          D      G D
just one little kiss so exciting.
Then I heard the guitar player say..Vamoose, José's on his way.
Then I knew, yes, I knew I should run,
                 D    G    A
then I heard her say, yeah.


A        D                     G                    D    G D
Then the music stopped..When I looked, the café was empty.
D                              G                      D      G D
Then I heard José say, Man you know you're in trouble plenty.
D    G
So I dropped my drink from my hand, and through the window I ran.
       A                                    D     G    A
And as I rode away, I could hear her say to José, yeah..

D   G   A  A7   D   G   A  A7
La, la, la-la...La, la, la-la..(x2)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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