Misc Unsigned Bands - Hilliota - Strongbow Saturday tab

Strongbow saturday by Hilliota

C                         G                         Dm        F            
Strongbow Saturday and im on my knees and im on the floor, im tired 

and im wanting some more.
C                            G                        Dm       F

Rolling around again with my face firmly fixed to the floor, i should 

get out of here.

Am                      C                                 Dm

When i think of all the time, the time and money we spent inside,

inside the place we call the pub, i think were running out of luck

verse 2
C                               G                              Dm

mucking around again and theres playground fights outside your door,
     F                     G

shes dressed like a common whore.
C                                 G

But ill try my luck tonight cos i dont think she'll put up much of
  Dm       F               G

a fight, i heard it from a mate of mine.



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