Misc Unsigned Bands - Bogoyatoo - Stuff To Feel tab

Verse-4----- X2 -4-4-4x X2 ------x----------------|-5-5-5x -4-4-4x ------x----------------|-x-x-xx -5-5-5x --6-6-x-5-5-5----------|-6-6-6x -x-x-xx --7-7-x-6-6-6--2-------|-4-4-4x -6-6-6x --7-7-x-6-6-6--2---5---|------- -4-4-4x --5-5-x-4-4-4--0-/7-7~-|
chorus stuff to feel in my pants stuff to feel in your pants lets make a connection, u take my erection u say you'll play my trombone? solo improvised
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