Misc Unsigned Bands – August Rush - Fathers Song tab

Hey guys so this is my attempt to write out the "Father's Song" from the movie August 
This will sound one fret lower, but if you want the original sound just use a capo on the 
fret and then add one to everything in the tab. Hope this helps :)

By the way, I put in the chords with the lyrics so you can read the tabs easier. Not 
about all the lyrics though.

Gm D C Em (or G) Asus-Ae|-2-------2-3-5-2---------2-3-5-2---------2-------3-------2---0---|b|-----3---3---3-------3---3---3-------3-------3---3-------3---2---|g|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-0---------------|d|-0-----------------------------------------------x---------------|a|-----------------3---------------2---------------1-------0-0---0-|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Gm D C Em (or G) Asus-Ae|---------2-3-5-2---------2-3-5-2---------2-----------3---2---0---|b|-----3---3---3-------3---3---3-------3-------3---3-------3---2---|g|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-0---------------|d|-0-----------------------------------------------x---------------|a|-----------------3---------------2---------------1-------0-0---0-|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm A A7 D Ge|-------------------------x-|b|-----3-----2-----2-----3-3-|g|-----4---2-2-----0---2-2-4-|d|---4---2-------2---0-----5-|a|-2-----------0-----------5-|E|-------------------------3-|
D C Em Father, hear me when I call on Your name. Em G Asus-A I need You to answer me now. D C Em Father, here I am, weak in Your sight. Em G Asus-A Can You rescue me now? Bm A A7 D G I'm crying out, can't figure it out alone. GOD BLESS YOU ALL :)
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