Misc Unsigned Bands – Molly Lewis - Myhope tab

It sounds a little different on ukulele, which is what it's originally played on, 
so for best results, get a ukulele! 

Capo 1st Fret

G B7 Em C-D-G

      G              B7              Em        G7
The years are going by so fast it really is bewilderin'
      C                    Cm                  G             D 
And we'll be so-called "grown ups" and have mortgages and children
   G                 B7               Em           G7 
I hope we all gain worldliness, and wisdom, and maturity
    C               Cm               G            D
But I hope most of all that MySpace falls into obscurity

   G                B7             Em           G7
I hope our profiles all go dead, entombed in distant servers
    C              Cm               G            D
A monument of your youth, although lacking its observers
      G               B7               Em          G7
Your page will be an empty shell, when no one is behind it
   C                 Cm                    G                   D        D7
I hope your MySpace stays forever - and I hope that your kids find it

        G                                A 
How I hope that you forget about your MySpace
    C                                 Cm 
I hope it slips completely from your mind
       G        B7      Em                  A                  Cm
And I hope it stays up long enough for the next generation to find
       G                              A
And I hope that it embarrasses your children
              C                              Cm
I hope their bratty friends all forward it around
       G             B7           Em
And I hope that you forget your password
        A       C      G
So you cannot take it down

    G                     B7               Em               G7
If your kids think you vaguely square, it will be so much clearer
       C                  Cm              G                 D
When they laugh at the pictures you took in your bathroom mirror
     G                  B7             Em            G7
And all the bands you listen to, your kids will be exposin'
     C              Cm                   G            D      
"Who is this Soulja Boy you reference, who's 'Uh Oh Explosion'?"
           G           B7                   Em              G7
They'll marvel at how old you are, they'll "rofl" at your outfits
      C                   Cm              G             D        D7
Your style may pass as "vintage" in the future - but I doubt it


G-B7-Em-G7 C Cm D Cdim

              Em                                    G 
I hope your cynical kids say, "Holy crap, this is great
         A                               Am         D 
These comments date all the way back to 2008."
I hope they dig through your pictures 
And find some we might call compromising
I hope that seeing young Mom in a swimsuit
               Am               D 
Or smoking a hookah isn't too traumatizing
             C                   G 
But it will be past their comprehension
                     B7                         C         Cm  
They'll ask "Did Grandpa not give you enough attention?"

G A C Cm G-B7-Em A Cm

G A C Cm G-B7-Em A C-G


G B7 Em G7 C Cm G D

             G           B7                        Em             G7 
They might poke at your top 8 friends, read your comments at the most
    C             Cm                  D                  G
I only wish that they could see the inane bulletins you post
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