Misc Unsigned Bands – Jamie Lavender - Daylight Dream tab

James Lavender
Daylight dream.

Capo on 2.
Standard tuning.

h= hammer on
p= to hammer off onto the given note
sl= slide
PL= if this is shown after a chord, it means 'played open'
Strumming pattern for verse= \\//\ /\/\/\/
(where \ signifies a downward strum, and / shows an upward one)

A Made up chord is also used, so here it is: E-3--
For the purposes of this, I'll be calling    B-3--
it Asus7.                                    G-0--

INTRODUCTION (Finger plucked)

Chord one Chord 2 Chord 3 Chord 4 G Major D Major A Minor C MajorE-----3-----------2h3p2---------------------------------------------|B---3--3--3-----3------3-3-------0h2p0------------1-----------------|G----4--4------2--------2------2-------2-2-------0-0----------------|D--5---------0----------------2---------2-----0h2---0h2p0-2sl4p0----|A-5-------------------------0----------------3----------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4-----3----2-----2h3p2----------------------------|-----3----3-3-3------3-------0h2p0-------1-------|----4--------2--2-----2-----2-----2-2----0-------|---5-----------------------2-------2-----2-------|--5-----------------------0--------------3-------|-------------------------------------------------|
VERSE (C Major is sustained from the introduction until the first word) And I will wait, and I'll be flying high with you honey, always. ...........G Major D Major A Minor C Major. And I will stay, everytime you break down, honey, always. (C Major) G Major D Major A Minor C Major. BRIDGE (Strumming pattern remains the same). And- everything calms down, when I look into your eyes. G Major(PL) D Major Asus7 And all that I am, I think, is simply asleep G Major(PL) D Major(sustained) Asus7 CHORUS(1)- (strumming pattern is now \//\//) Simply asleep Simply asleep
And cannonball into the sea, And live with you and me.
---------------------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------------| ----0----------0--------0--0--0--0------0---------0-------0--0--0--0-| ----9----------7--------5--5--5--5------9---------7-------5--5--5--5-| ----7----------5--------3--3--3--3------7---------5-------3--3--3--3-| ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE: And I will sing to myself, sometimes, when the train has gone, G Major(PL) D Major A Minor C Major And nobody else's around to hear me... G Major(PL) D Major A minor C Major CHORUS(2) Strumming pattern \\ per chord, except A minor, which is \/ I sing, ba da ba ba ba da da da da Gmj Dmj A Minor, C Major ba da da da da da da da da da da de de de de da da da Gmj Dmj A Minor C Major da da da de da da da Gmj Dmj A Minor, C Major ba da da da da da da da da da da da da da Gmj Dmj A Minor, C Major (Chord pattern is now strummed twice). BRIDGE: (plucked)- played twice.
G Major (PL) D Major Asus7-----3----------2h3p2------------3------3-----|---3-3-3-3------3---3-3-3------3--3-3----3-3--|----0---0-----2--------2--------0--0---0--0---|-------------0----------------2-------2-------|-----------------------------3-------3--------|-3--------------------------------------------|
VERSE: (the first two chords of the opening lines are single strummed with one downward All the rest is the verse standard strumming pattern) And the gathering darkness is all that you need Gmj Dmj A Minor, C Major You fall to your knees and sing, once again, Gmj Dmj A Minor, C Major CHORUS(2) is now repeated. The BRIDGE is then played again, twice. It ends with- CHORUS(1)
It's a daylight dream...
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