Misc Unsigned Bands - Steve Nelson - If You Break It You Buy It tab

		                   STEVE NELSON - If You Break It, You Buy It

Corners of a world connected by

Quartars and other forms of world

Order, all under control by your

Lord, her, don't loiter

She's green she pays to keep your hair

Clean she feeds the fattening

Street sweeps leaps your stocks to

E7                       amin          CMaj
extremes in your sleep deprived little life

Twisting shifting meaning of
Buildings meant to symbolize
Something something more than just
Winning all the
Timeshares babysitters and
Glassware doing your hair when no
One cares trying to win what is
Not theirs, you better learn to ride a bike for your little life

Ohhh ohhh

G        G6          G
ohh ohhh ohhh

ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhh

Horns of scorn for a lack of a
Sworn love no matter how much you could
Pour it's just not enough to be
Born above the
Seashore swimming down to the
Sea floor digging up treasure from
Before the day you were born and there's
Still more to record of your little life 

ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhh
ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhh

Kissin' and talking into the
Wind in high heeled kicks while you're
Wishing that everyone here was
Whistlin' and singin' with
You though that ain't life or so
I'm told the wind blows warm and it
Gets cold time is an open window that won't close

Welcome to your little life


D7 CMaj7 GMaj E7 amin CMaj G6 GMaj(during ohhhh's) e|-2-----0-----3----0----0-----0------------------------------|B|-1-----0-----3----0----1-----1----5----3--------------------|G|-2-----0-----4----1----2-----0----4----4--------------------|D|-0-----2-----5----0----2-----2----5----5--------------------|A|-------3-----5----2----0-----3------------------------------|E|-------------3----0-----------------------------------------|
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