Misc Unsigned Bands - The Terrorways - Never Been To Borstal tab

Right, this is my first tab, so go as hard on it as you like. I noticed kiwi punk is 
to be found on the site (hardly surprising) but I intend to set that straight.

Basically the whole song is three chords, with a solo at the end. I'm not too sure on 
of the lyrics, so correct me where you can

Intro (x4):D    A  E
           \\\\ \  \
Verse 1

D                   A          D               A
All my friends have gone away, gone away for a long stay

D                    A                   D                   A    A
They done wrong, now they're gonna play, how come I's have ta stay

Chorus: Play intro chords in time with lyrics

Never been to Borstal never been to Borstal        E
Never been to Borstal, never been to Borstal but I never stopped trying

Verse 2 is the same chords as verse 1
Beat up, with blood and mud in your eyes, never had such fun in my life
Smashed car windows and smashed their tyres, can't tell the truth so I'm always telling lies


Bridge is played just like verse, only twice as slow tempo

My curia star shines bright, but I never felt its glow
It's not that I've always done right, it's just that the cops are too slow

Verse 3 (I'm not sure on the lyrics here, if anyone finds them let me know)


Solo (Just play intro chords x16)

Outtro (Play intro x6)

Never been to Borstal, never been to Borstal, never been to Borstal, never been to Borstal

But I never stopped trying!!!

End Chords

A    A    A    D

That's all, I hope people check this out, it would be cool if people got back into NZ 
and AK79. Anyway, hope you like it.

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