Misc Unsigned Bands - What Did I Do - Nikki tab

Play all in powercords, and hit all the strings.
No capo.

Good luck!

C#M                E
You said you have enough,
I've packed up all my stuff,
                     A          B
I'm waiting for the cab in the hallway,
C#M                   E
I've got nothing to explain,
I'm naked in the rain,
                   A              F#M
Like every part of me is on display,
                     C#M         G#M
Trying to act like everything's OK.

No way!

What did I do?
         E            B          A
You said I screwed it up and it cost you.
        C#M           E          A
All it took was one slip and I lost you.
            A        B
What did I do?
      F#M          C#M
But maybe it's not me, 
maybe it's you.
What did I do?

C#M                    E
I know that you won't call,
Won't talk to me at all
                   A                  C#M
You left me in my less than perfect world
I'm done with feeling small,
I really gave it all,
                     A           F#M
Trying to be your stupid cover girl
             C#M                G#M
You must be glad you've finally had

your way !

(Repeat Chorus.)
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