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Left handed
Keep It Simple- Simple

(Played in Bar Chords) Standard Tuning

C                  B     G       Am          E
Wonderin' how the world got to where it is today
F                   G                       F         G
Can't imagine how fast it happened but it happened anyway
C                     B G           Am                  E
So much evil in the money, people caught up in their power
F                    G           F              G                   
The evil grows and multiplies until our final hour
C                      B  G         Am                E
You gotta keep things simple, stop worryin' all the time
         F                     G
'Cause lifes too short takes years to sort 
      F               G
The troubles in your mind
            C                      B   G            Am                
So your're sad your stressed you need a rest you despair throughout your 
       F               G            F                G
Well maybe life is a little nicer than you think it seems
       C                    B  G                   Am    
Just take a breath forget all the rest Its just   you and the thoughts you 
     F                 G          F                   G
Get in the water and swim away before the whole ship sinks
Guitar Solo :  C G Am  F
F                   C     G   Am F          x 2      
 Just Keep thing Simple    
F       C      G   Am   F        C
Don't Worry               Don't Worry
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