Misc Unsigned Bands – Joe Cosby - You Give tab

for all those who love jesus, here you are lol

Am              C
you give me the words to say
Am             C         Cadd9
you give me a heart for prayer
Am             C
you give me a song to sing
Am              C   Cadd9
lord you give me everything

Am            C
you gave me a life to live
Am              C      Cadd9
you gave me the cross to love
Am               C
you gave me your son to praise
Am               C      Cadd9
lord you gave me hands to raise

Am                              C
So i'll sing of your love for a thousand days
Am            C        Cadd9
and then i'll sing some more
Am                              C
i will praise your name for the rest of my life
Am         C     Cadd9
for you are beautiful

You're the first
You're the last
Am         C         Cdd9
You're the only one for me
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