Misc Unsigned Bands - Fight The Odds - Waste Of Time tab

This is my guitar part for the song "Waste of Time" by my band Fight the Odds! I do not
much because it is a simple song and plus the solos are not performed by me, but the
guitarist. The song is in Drop D tuning; the key is in G Major.  Once again I did not 
the correct beats for the the parts so don't follow by measure, listen to the song and
it out. For the chorus riff I like to switch to my neck pick up and and turn my tone 
between 7 and 8 and slide some notes with vibrato, which gives it kind of a synth like tone 


|------------|------------|------------|-------------||------------|------------|------------|-------------||------x-x-x-|-7-7--x-x-x-|------x-x-x-|-5-5-x-x-7-7-| X2|-5-5--x-x-x-|-7-7--x-x-x-|-7-7--x-x-x-|-5-5-x-x-7-7-||-5-5--x-x-x-|-5-5--x-x-x-|-7-7--x-x-x-|-3-3-x-x-5-5-||-5-5--------|------------|-7-7--------|-------------|
*The chords played here are the same for the chorus.
CHORUS RIFF: ~~ ~~ ~~~~~|-----15-14-15-14-|-12S10----------|-------------------|----------------||-----------------|---------12S15--|-12----------------|-12-------------||-12--------------|----------------|----14-12-14-12-14-|----14-12-12----| X2|-----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------------||-----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------------||-----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------------|
This is an easier version of the Chorus Riff above; no slides or vibrato (aka the version).
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