Misc Unsigned Bands – Pat Wilson - The Davidson Song tab

The Davidson Song
Em C7 G Em

Verse 1

Em             C7          G  F#  Em                        C7         G F#    
     I see you walkin, its no fun      Turn around and look back my way

     I hear ya talkin, to no one       Let it go and start a brand new day


Em                          C7         G  F#   Em7
     Don't come around here dont steal my beer Davidson 

     C7       G    F#  Em7                 C7        G  F#  Em7
     Coke man Coke man maaaaaan you better quit that coke

                          C7           G F# Em7                       C7   
     I've seen you puff a thousand smokes   tonight hollywood's got a bloody 

           G               F#                    Em7  C7  F#  Em7
     nose, everybody knows where your money goes

Solo (guitar plays intro) (second guitar rips away) 
Verse 2

     You went to Guelph, to get some help ya said,
     Its for a month, you'll start again your dead,
     Don't need the help, I'll help myself instead,
     One more line just for old time sakes kid.


     Don't come around here don't steal my beer Davidson
     Coke man Coke man maaaaaan ya better quit that coke
     I've seen ya puff a thousand smokes, tonight and your 
     willin to fight   anyone, because your heart's goin 2 0 1,
     beats a minute friend, this is the very end of you. 
     (end on Em 1 strum on the word you)
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