Misc Unsigned Bands - Tom Shevlin - Best Friends tab

C        F
We were kneehigh to a cricket
when we first met
with a whole life of livin
        F                   C
on the road in front of us yet
         F               C               
We were Daniel Boone and Davy

 when the Alamo fell
we were Lewis and Clark
   F                  C
exploring the Oregon trail
We were Cisco and Pancho
chasing the bandito
we were Frank and Jesse James
F                    C
robbing banks and trains

Yes we were buddies and pals
and commrads to the end
but most of all 
F             C
we were best friends

well we hung up our buckskins
laid down our six shooters
went out and got us a couple 'lectric guitars
and we tried to sing like Elvis
we tried to play like Clapton
the best we could do
was a couple chords of Gloria


well I went out to see him
a couple weeks ago
after oh so many years
lord where'd all of that time go
and we laughed about the old days
and sighed about the new ways
we wondered about Bobby and Lenny and Joe
then we said our good-byes
said again real soon
how many times have we sung the same tune
but there's one thing for certain
I'll never be hurtin'
cause right up to the end
I got me a best friend


yes we are buddies and pals 
and commrades to the end
and after all is said and done
he's still my best friend
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