Misc Unsigned Bands – Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died tab

Daddy was a cop,
on the east side of Chicago.
Back in the U.S.A.,
back in the bad old days.

                          Dm  G   G7                        C
In the heat of the summer night,  in the land of the dollar bill.

                         Dm G   G7                     C
when the town of Chicago died,  and they talk about it still.

                      Dm              G7                 C
When a man named Al Capone,  tried to make that town his own,

                          Dm            G7            C
and he called his gang to war,  with the forces of the law.

           C                                     Dm
I heard my mama cry,  I heard her pray the night Chicago died.

G7                                  G7
brother what a night it really was, brother what a fight it really was.

C                    C                                    Dm
glory be. I heard my mama cry, i heard her pray the night Chicago died.

G7                                   G7
Brother what a night the people saw, brother what a fight the people saw.

Yes indeed.

                            Dm G   G7                         
And the sound of the battle rang,  through the streets of the old east side.

                             Dm G  G7                    C
till the last of the hoodlem gang, had surrendered up or died.

                          Dm      G7                       C
there was shouting in the street, and the sound of running feet,

                        Dm    G7                        C
and I asked someone who said, about a hundered cops are dead.


                           Dm G  G7                      C
Then there was no sound at all,  but the clock up on the wall.

                         Dm G   G7                     C
Then the door burst open wide,  and my daddy stepped inside,

                        Dm    G7                       C
and he kissed my mama's face, and he brushed her tears away,

          C                       C
the night Chicago died. the night Chicago died.

(Chorus)(3 times)
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