Misc Unsigned Bands – Make Good Your Escape - Real tab

Artist : Make Good Your Escape
Song   : Real
Tuning : EADGBe

Tabbed by Aeron53

Hi guys, im trying to upload some tabs of Make Good Your Escape, cuz i cant find tabs in 
internet, and the band make so great songs ;D Here u got an URL with a little "6 songs" 
and his homepage at MySpace; http://www.myspace.com/makegoodyourescape

The intro are powerchords, played with the volume wheel on the guitar, quietly to a bit 
loud...  I think the last powerchord I tabbed to this intro isn't correct, but I cant 
the 'correct one'. (Contact me at yugi499@hotmail.com ... add me cuz I never look in my Inbox)

+ : Gaining volume

INTRO (Delay)e|--10+---------12+---8+----|B|--11+---15+---13+---8+----|G|--------14+---------9+----|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
MAIN VERSE (Delay)e|------------------------------------------------|B|--15----------13-----------11-------------------|G|-----14b---12------9b----7----------------------|D|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
If you know more parts of the song PLEASE CONTACT ME!; remember, add me cuz I never look my Inbox. Thank you!
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