Misc Unsigned Bands – The Blaqk Year - Blinded In Fire tab

some of the lyrics are wrong and i didnt get it all.........

intro:    B      G       D     A   F#  (x2)   F# G


       B                          G                                  D    
in a quiet little town where the children used to play, there were fights 
                      A           F#          B                         G
from the dark to the dawn of the day, happy lives that all died happy lives 
                       D             A              B                    
that were not saved, no-one could escape,from the fire and the flames and
       G                           D                               A
the sorrow that remains,we were searching for the answer but got flooded by
      F#         B                         G                     D
the rain,In a moment what was ours got possessed by heavy pain,They all 
         A  G
went insaaane    ohohoho

  D         A              B                 G        A
tell me something i dont know ,and where my life will go next, 
  D         A              B               G       A  
promise me all the things you show me, and i will see the, 
  D         A              B               G       A
pain that lives inside your soul and that wont regain for, 
 D       A                  B          G         A  
we are left with just one choice but dont look down now

on 2nd chorus its the same until....                  

D      A                  B          G         A      B      F#      B    F#
we are left with just one choice but dont look down noooooowwwwoooooowwww

B            F#       B             F#  G

just before solo; 

G F# E D
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