Misc Unsigned Bands - Without You - James Lambert tab


cuz im... Lying here without you, thinking about you,
C                                 D
do you feel this pain, I hope you feel the strain, 
but i know now, that i'm not the only one,
    C                     D
and i'm just another guy, lying here in you bed tonight,
and you can't see what you've done to me, 
C                        D
and you don't know me anymore... thats why i walked out the door,

E,C,D. X2

So believe me i've tried, i've taken 8 or 9,
C                              D
but i still and up, waking up with you in my face,
I don't know where to go, 
                         C            D
n I can't even find my home... cuz of you,
so let the fire fall down from this empty sky,
C                           D
just to let me know that your still alive...
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